Story Bunker really is two things...

1. It is first, and foremost a magnet for stories… It is a digital storage facility for material in all shapes and sizes. Our number one goal is to attract and find individuals, groups, companies, families, and rebels alike who have a great story to tell. Storytelling is an innate human trait. So, we know you have a great story for us, or know somebody who does!

2. It is a a multi-media production company. In the process of acquiring your story rights, Story Bunker reserves the privilege to internally produce the story if it is simply too cool to pass up. Who wouldn’t their name on the next “Fight Club”, right? After acquiring the rights, Story Bunker has one of two paths for the material... One of those paths is to internally produce the story via two primary mediums: Filmmaking, and literature.

So, we collect material, and in some cases directly create a finished product in the form of a piece of literature, or in the form of a film intended for distribution.

The other of the possible two paths for the material (after acquisition) is to be re-sold to an appropriate publisher, producer, or distributor.. What defines an “appropriate” publisher, producer, or distributor? It all comes down to the demands of the story itself… At Story Bunker, the story itself is king! We love stories, and want to bring them into the world no matter what. In some cases the accosted costs of bringing the story into the world are beyond the means of Story Bunker. In those cases, we find the people who can make it happen! In the process of a re-sale, we negotiate with the new owners of the material to maintain a certain percentage of long term royalty & merchandising rights for YOU (the original source of the material)... THAT percentage of royalty & merchandising rights (which is maintained with a re-sale) is what we offer to you as the original compensation for giving US (Story Bunker) the rights in the first place. In the event that we internally produce the material, your compensation for giving us the rights /control over the material in the first place is to directly receive a percentage of royalty & merchandising rights from us, in the aftermath of the final product being created.

So what is story bunker?


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